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About Negin Rose

Rose holding started its journey in the industry in 1991, Isfahan, Iran. Along with accelerated growth, Rose Holding continues its activities in the form of 3 companies, Rose Polymer, Negin Rose, and Kaveh Fibers.


Rose Holding has strong commitment to industries applying its products. Efficient human resources, spirit of entrepreneurship, ethical management and team-working, paying attention to the market’s need, quality, new technologies, scientific communication, organizational discipline, compliance with environmental regulations, and prevention of occupational diseases, have been the most important key factors to keep the name of the Holding alive up to now.

Rose Sintex Sound Insulation

Progress in the manufacture of new low-dimensional materials , which can effectively absorb the sound waves, helps us to overcome conventional insulators’ challenges such as high thickness. The word “low-dimension” unwantedly pushes us to nano-scale materials. Rose SINTEX, derived from 6-year R&D, is a new nano-coated textile with sound insulating feature with the primary acceptance for US patent.Rose SINTEX sound insulating blankets not only save the interior dimensional space but are also flexible, easily installable and water repellent.



  • Sound absorption
  • Impact and transmision noise reduction
  • No negative effects on the environment
  • Hydrophobicity (Optional)
  • Fire retardancy (Optional)
  • Thickness of less than 1 cm
  • Easy handling and adaptable to uneven surfaces
  • Easily cut to shape
  • No odour or toxic gases
  • Anti-bacterial property

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